How To Bustle A Wedding Dress

How To Bustle A Wedding Dress

How To Bustle A Wedding Dress
How To Bustle A Wedding Dress

How To Bustle A Wedding Dress: There's nothing quite like a wedding dress with a beautiful bustle. The problem is, not all wedding dresses come with a bustle already built in. If you're lucky enough to have a dress that does need a little extra help in the back, don't worry - we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about bustling your wedding dress:


First things first: what exactly is a bustle? A bustle is basically an extra bit of fabric or material that helps support the train of your dress. It's usually located at the back of the dress, and can be either hidden or visible. Depending on your dress, you may need a single-point, French, or American-style bustle.


Now that you know what a bustle is, let's talk about how to put one in your dress. It's actually quite simple - all you need are some safety pins and someone to help you out.

1.Start by laying the train of your dress flat on the floor and pinning it up where you want it.

2.Make sure the pins go through both layers of fabric so they stay secure.

3.Once everything is pinned up, have your helper carefully lift the dress off the ground and clip or tie any extra fabric into place for a neat look.


Your wedding day should be as stress-free as possible, so make sure to practice bustling ahead of time just in case! That way if something does go wrong, you'll already know how to fix it.


When it comes to bustling a wedding dress, the key is patience and practice. With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to have the most beautiful bustle on your special day! Good luck.


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