Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends For 2023

Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends For 2023

Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends For 2023

Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends For 2023


Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends For 2023: Your wedding needs to be the picture you always dreamt it would be - that requires you finding a stunning wedding dress. Let’s count down our top picks and see what’s trending. After all, there’s plenty of hot choices for 2023!


1. Floral Wedding Dresses


If you’re after something traditional and beautiful, then floral wedding dresses are a good idea. They look great, and they’re easy to work with, because they fit right into the bright and hopeful setting of a wedding.


2. Flowing Train Wedding Dresses


If you want something traditional, you’ll love a flowing train wedding dress. Not only does it look stunning, but it’s easy to work with, and is very simple to accessorise. Plus, it adds that classic wedding feel that everybody loves. 


3. Long Sleeves


Perfect for those colder climates, or simply just as a fashion statement, the long sleeved wedding dress is still beautiful and perfect for the occasion, but it has lovely sleeves attached as well.


4. Lace Wedding Dress


You might not have pictured your wedding gown as being made of lace, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It looks great, it’s fashionable, and it’s easy to wear. 


5. Oversized Dresses


The oversized dress is no longer the fashion statement of old rom-coms. Nowadays, big is back and better than ever, with a fresh take on an old look. It’s one for the bride that wants to feel like she’s in a 90’s romance film.


6. Form Fitting Modernity


Form-fitting wedding wear is back in fashion as women love to feel powerful, sexy and confident on their wedding day. We’re talking about backless dresses and sleek, figure hugging shapes. It’s the modern dress for the modern woman.


7. Deconstructed Dresses


Wedding gowns are usually a lot of work to get in and out of - that’s why the trend of deconstructed dresses are getting big again. They’re a fun and interesting way for women to slip in and out of different styles throughout the day - from the ceremonial trail to the wedding reception short skirt.


8. Asymmetrical Dresses


Asymmetrical clothing is getting big these days and it’s not difficult to see why. It adds a unique edge to an item of clothing, and it’s slowly beginning to permeate the wedding dress world. 


9. Gloves and Capes


Gloves and capes are a big part of the modern wedding look. They add a regal look to the proceedings and give you a chance to look good while out there. It’s your day to feel like a queen - you should look the part.


10. Bows and Chokers


Bows and chokers are making a comeback this year as a cute and unique way to style a wedding dress. Whether it’s a bow or a simple scrap of fabric around the neck, it adds a little excitement to the outfit. 


Get Your Wedding Dress Today


The right wedding dress can make a lot of difference to your big day. Check out our exciting range of options for yourself and see what we mean - there’s plenty to explore in the collection.



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