We Want To Be Your #1 Prom Dress Shop Glasgow Scotland!: We Want To Be Your #1 Prom Dress Shop Glasgow Scotland!  Glasgow, Scotland, is undeniably great! Its vibrant energy is contagious, from the lively music scene echoing through its historic streets to the warm smiles of its friendly locals. The city's rich cultural tapestry is woven with fascinating museums, stunning art galleries, and a deep-rooted love for literature and theater. And let's not forget about the incredible food – from traditional Scottish fare to diverse international cuisine, your taste buds are in for a treat. But what truly makes Glasgow exceptional is its people. Known for their genuine warmth and friendliness, Glaswegians make visitors feel right at home, creating an atmosphere that's both welcoming and heartwarming. Whether you're exploring its iconic landmarks, enjoying the bustling nightlife, or simply engaging in a friendly chat with a stranger, Glasgow's greatness lies not just in its attractions, but in the spirit of the city and its wonderful inhabitants. Norma Reed has been shipping dresses to the UK and Scotland for over a decade so try us out today!

Celebrities Wearing Norma Reed


"I can't speak highly enough about Norma Reed. Wearing their red dress in my music video for 'Warning' was an absolute game-changer. The dress not only accentuated the essence of the song but also gave me an undeniable boost of confidence. What's more, I chose the same stunning red dress for the prestigious Canada's Walk of Fame event, and it was a showstopper...Thank you, Norma Reed, for not only providing exceptional clothing but for being a part of two memorable moments in my career. Your dresses are not just beautiful; they empower individuals to shine their brightest."

- Jordy Todosey

Actress, Singer & Star of: Disney Channel's "Life with Derek", "Degrassi: The Next Generation", "Murdoch Mysteries", "He Never Died" and Singer of the hit new song "Warning" under her performing name Odditie!

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"I have always been one for glam and Norma Reed certainly does not disappoint. Their selection is fantastic with something for every occasion. Their customer service is always on-point...

Over the past year, I have personally bought two Norma Reeds, so has my mom, as well as my 6 bridesmaids dresses. A whopping 10 dresses in a year - wowsers! 

I cannot wait to wear my next Norma Reed!"

Kristin Abreu

Toronto, Canada